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Topic 15 - -newspapers tend to compel attention-TV-passive...

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-1Topic 15: Free Media I. Definitions C.Agenda Setting II. How is free media different A. Lack of candidate control ? -candidates do exert some influence over the media (dodge questions, issue press releases, spin, etc.) -stay on point in various speeches (consistent coverage of consistent message) B. Exposure (CHOOSE TO WATCH NEWS, BUT SEEING ADS IS ACCIDENTAL/UNINTENTIONAL) -the reader or the viewer chooses to expose him or herself to it -increases the likelihood that message will be understood -in paid, candidate packages info in such a way so that the viewer will understand central message - paid ads have a stronger effect, but message is rather simplistic C. free media and paid media differ in the goals -primary goal is to inform not to persuade (if it does persuade it is indirect) -goal of paid coverage is to persuade, but may have the indirect effect of providing info as well. III. Print v. Broadcast Media A. Attention
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Unformatted text preview: -newspapers tend to compel attention -TV --passive exposure B. intentionality of exposure-extent to which viewers can select what they want to watch on tv versus what they read in the newspaper-You choose what you read but it is harder to do this with TV C. dependence on visuals -candidate can choose fluffy groups (veterans, unions, etc.) to talk to and draw media attention *majority of ppl get info form local tv news IV. Local v. National free Media A. Local News tends to be “softer ,” more positive B. National News; “harder;” more investigative journalism *political science has ignored local news because its hard to study *more coverage of elections during presidential years Advertising gets most coverage on local news National news Ads-9 min Elections-8:15 Iraq-3min. Intro music *Local news provides more horserace and strategy coverage Consultants spent more time talking about paid media-Ad watches...
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