Lecture 11a - Supplementary Colon Pathology Slides (Interest Only)

Lecture 11a - Supplementary Colon Pathology Slides (Interest Only)

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1 Supplementary Colon Pathology Slides For your interest only- You will not be required to learn this material for the exam Lecture 11 Supplementary Inflammatory Bowel Disease • Regional enteritis (Crohn’s disease) • Ulcerative colitis • Inflammations of intestine and colon • Etiology unknown Unknown to the general public, President Eisenhower (1953-1961) had Crohn’s disease and had a segment of his bowel removed during his first term in office and not long after his first heart attack. Inflammatory Bowel Disease • Pathogenesis – Both affect same population Caucasian, especially East European Jews – Peak Incidence in third decade – Familial – Same extra-intestinal complications – Both have immunologic component – Morphology similar, especially in early stages Crohn’s Disease • Chronic inflammation usually involving Crohn’s Pathology • Aphthous ulcers in terminal ileum (shallow mucosal ulcers over Peyer’s patches) • Extends through entire wall with formation of granulomas fibrosis thickening & rigidity of intestine Crohn’s Pathology • Fibrotic scars surround patches of mucosa (“ cobbles ”) • Scarring leads to strictures (narrowing due to scar contractures) • Inflammatory exudates on surface adhesions & fistulas
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Crohn’s Clinical Features • Diarrhea • Abdominal pain •We igh t loss • Bleeding c rectal involvement • Fever Crohn’s Clinical Features • Complications include – Constipation – Fistulae – Adhesions – Malabsorption weight loss, vitamin deficiency, anemias • Rx: Resection of affected areas Crohn’s Disease 9 Ulcerative Colitis
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Lecture 11a - Supplementary Colon Pathology Slides (Interest Only)

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