Lecture 25 - Mutagens, Carcinogens, and Teratogens

Lecture 25 - Mutagens, Carcinogens, and Teratogens -...

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1 Mutagens, Carcinogens, and Teratogens Biology 1F25 for Biology Non-Majors Lecture 25 Background Reading Textbook, Chapter 19. The People Who Prepared This Lecture Harry Peery Alan Castle Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen (1845- 1923) • Discovered X-rays • Won first Nobel Prize in Physics (1901) for his discovery. A radiograph taken by Roentgen of a colleague’s hand. His very first radiograph was taken of his wife, Anna Bertha
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2 Roentgen died of carcinoma of the colon • While many people say he was not exposed that much to his X-rays, this is very misleading because the ability to handle an environmental risk factor is very individual. A bit of History • Roentgen was planning to emigrate to the United States. • He had his tickets purchased – but WWI intervened and he never had the funds again to make the move. • He died penniless and nearly bankrupt in 1923 because of the German inflationary depression. • This depression was brought on as a result of the high punitive indemnity (= fine) the Allies demanded of Germany for starting WWI. As a result of a number of factors, the mark became devalued and towards the end of 1923 reached 4.2 trillion marks to the US dollar. This wiped out the middle class who, in turn, started listening to Adolf Hitler. Ten years later (1933), Hitler became the dictator of Germany and began to pave the avenging (in his mind) road to WWII. Postage stamps from Germany in 1923. The values shown here range from 50 million marks to 10 billion marks. In spite of the value on the face of the stamp, they are not worth very much even today, 85 years later. Mutagens and Carcinogens • A mutagen is a chemical or physical agent that causes a change in the DNA of an individual. • A teratogen is a mutagen that causes such a change in the embryo or fetus. • A carcinogen is a mutagen that causes cancer. The original mutant in literature: Frankenstein written by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley (1797-1851) when she was 19 and not yet married to Shelley. She had tuberculosis and the elevated temperature may have given her the nightmare from which the story emerged. Cover to the third edition of the book (1831), the first one in which the story is in one volume. History: A monster volcano helped deliver Frankenstein and The Vampyre Mt. Tambora in Indonesia erupted in 1815 with the greatest force ever recorded by a volcano. It blew the top 5,000 feet off the volcano with a noise that could be heard for over 2,000 Km, the distance between Brock University and the city of Calgary, Alberta. So much dust and ash went into the atmosphere that there was a freezing summer (deep snows in July and August here in Ontario) in 1816 and this kept Mary Godwin, poets Percy Shelley and Lord Byron, and physician John Polidori inside in Byron’s house on Lake Geneva, Switzerland. Byron suggested they write stories.
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Lecture 25 - Mutagens, Carcinogens, and Teratogens -...

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