7 - (survived first fight). Relationships What was the...

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Gladiators- History and Practice 07/11/2007 13:11:00 Festivals- list panhellenic festivals, and events that were held. Artistic events,  horse/chariot races, and other athletic events.  Monetary rewards came later.  The Ludus Professional training ground.  doctores- weapons instructors were former gladiators.  Medicines- doctors Ministry- musicians, cooks weapons makers, slaves of gladiators.  Training techniques- Futtrell, p. 139  Ranks and Relationships Ranking gladiators o The meaning of palus o Novicius (just entered ludus), tiro (ready for first fight), veteranus 
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Unformatted text preview: (survived first fight). Relationships What was the chance of getting killed? o Fights sine missione o Villes statistics (Futreel p. 143-144) o Mandatory fights to the death Slaves- rudiarii The vast majority of known gladiatorial epitaphs are for free people (241 attested funerary monuments and counting) Senators and Equestrians fighting as gladiators Why risk? 07/11/2007 13:11:00 07/11/2007 13:11:00...
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7 - (survived first fight). Relationships What was the...

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