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Brett Ford Ford 1 March 25 th , 2008 Western Civilization Hajkowski Twala: The False King There was once a time when Europe reigned supreme and the white man conquered all he surveyed. England, Spain, France, and most of Europe’s nations spread their influence like tentacles across the globe. At the expense of these foreign lands, European nations became wealthy and prosperous. However, according to Europeans, contact with a white man was the best thing for a native civilization. Not only was it considered charity to educate, Christianize, and protect these inferior, backwards civilizations that the European explorers stumbled over while in pursuit of treasures, it was the “White Man’s Burden.” King Solomon’s Mines was written by H. Rider Haggard of such a time when the white man reigned supreme throughout the world. Allan Quartermain, John Good, and Sir Henry Curtis, three Englishmen on a quest to find a lost comrade, find themselves deep in African lands and even deeper in African politics. They stumble upon the Kukuanas, led by the tyrant, Twala. Haggard uses Twala as the main antagonist to the white travelers. However, he is more than just a villain; Haggard uses Twala as the symbol of native primitivism. “Then the gigantic figure slipped off the karross and stood up before us, a truly alarming spectacle. It was that of an enormous man with the most entirely repulsive countenance we had ever beheld” (89), Haggard’s description of Twala as a primitive
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Ford 2 beast accurately portrayed what Europeans believed the “bad” native to be, an uncivilized
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twala - Brett Ford March 25th, 2008 Western Civilization...

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