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Social Science 1A: Principles Winter 2008 Study Guide Final Exam Exam 3 will cover Chapters 5, 6, 18, 22, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34 of the text, This exam is scheduled for Friday March 21, 2008 at 8:00AM !! (Please note the early time!!) The final exam will only be given at the date and time scheduled. Please bring a Scantron Form F288-Par-L From lecture know: Psychology: What is the definition of the science of psychology? What are the contributions of Freud, Piaget, Skinner and George Miller to the development of psychology? What is the mind-body problem? What is the issue raised with the mind-body problem about empirical research? Sociology What is the definition of sociology? How is research conducted in sociology? In lecture we viewed a portion of the film Bowling for Columbine, where Michael Moore interviewed James Nichols, brother of one of the convicted Oklahoma City bombers. We will have two questions on this interview. What is the “gun culture” in America? How did survey research begin? What social reforms did results of early surveys lead to? What were the contributions of Karl Marx, Max Weber and Emile Durkheim to sociology? What are the main theoretical postulates of sociology? What is the moral message from sociology? Political Science What is the definition of political science? In general, what are the responsibilities of government? How is research conducted in political science? What is political theory? What advice did Confucius offer to leaders?
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What advice did John Locke and Thomas Jefferson offer for the development of political systems? What is Rousseau’s theory of government? What did Rousseau mean by the “rule of law” and the “tyranny of the majority”? What are the functions of government given human nature according to Rousseau? What advice did Machiavelli offer to leaders? What moral question remains for leaders from Machiavelli’s work? What are the characteristics of an effective leader according to Machiavelli? What are three classic views of government? Regarding government, what do anarchists, libertarians, conservatives, and liberals favor? What major difference exists between conservatives and liberals regarding the role of personal decision making? How would you characterize the leadership style of Vladimir Putin of Russia? From lecture, what lessons have been learned from the 2000 presidential election regarding the electoral college? Why does the electoral college exist? What a the reasons for keeping it? Anthropology What is the definition of anthropology? What research methods are used in anthropology? Who was Franz Boas? What is his theory of Historical Particularism? Who was Margaret Mead? How did her work support Boas’ theories? Was Boas a cultural or physical anthropologist?
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Soc Sci 1A - Exam+3+Study+Guide - Social Science 1A:...

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