Sociology Report 3

Sociology Report 3 - themselves to a higher degree than...

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Stephen Jabaut 4/13/2008 Research Report #3 Summary: Sports teams make up a large proportion of the athletic community at Lehigh University. They are exclusive groups that exemplify the sociological ideas of “in groups” and “out groups”. It is clear that from the data gathered there are many benefits to be gained being a part of a team. At the same time there are stigmas and social barriers with certain teams that all deserve exploration and explanation. Statement of the Problem: Athletic teams represent a distinct subculture in both high school and college. Sports teams exist far beyond the scope of a group of individuals who compete against other teams. In fact, they establish a group that socializes in many aspects of life beyond competition. These teammates will sit next to each other in class, eat together in the dining hall and attend the same parties. In the college setting, many even go on to live with one another. This presents an issue of exclusionary clique culture in the university setting. Although, some sports teams separate
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Unformatted text preview: themselves to a higher degree than others, it is a common trend among athletic teams. Methodology: The research for this report was conducted through two personal interviews. These interviews were each 45 minutes in length and the subjects were both involved in collegiate athletes in continuing their high school sport. A male freshman rower and a female lacrosse player were the subjects. The interviews were recorded using a digital audio program on a laptop. Questions asked were very general to begin with and became more specific as the interview progress. Questions varied from “Take me through an average day at college” to “Who did you take to your prom” to “Tell me about your career in your given sport”. The interview files were saved in an MP3 format for further study. Key notes and quotes were taken from the interviews and implemented into the report. Results: Discussion:...
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Sociology Report 3 - themselves to a higher degree than...

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