Socio Report - Stephen Jabaut 2/18/07 Summary The focus of...

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Stephen Jabaut 2/18/07 Summary The focus of this study is the effect of various factors of motivation on exercise and fitness here at Lehigh. It is clear that from the results, there are distinct differences between the sexes in regard to why they work out. It was interesting to see how gender plays such an important role in what machines one uses, or how many people one exercises with. Beyond simple workout habits, this survey has revealed some eye-brow raising statistics about gender and fitness that merit exploration and explanation. Statement of Problem Fitness is an important sub-culture of any college or university. Here at Lehigh, there is no exception. Working-out makes up a significant piece of most college students’ lives. This report will focus on how motivational factors affect Lehigh students and their fitness habits. This is important because it is an ever-present force on campus. For these reasons, influences on students for working out must be understood. Specifically, it is important to understand how gender plays a significant role in these habits. Methodology The process, by which I obtained data for this study, was via survey conducted through my Introduction to Sociology class. Each recitation class produced ten questions on their given topic and contributed them to create the survey. For the purposes of this study, I focused on the results of our group’s set of questions. I used demographic data like gender to find more in-depth results. I did this by associating gender with topics like equipment used at gyms, group sizes, and motivations for working out. This survey was composed of eighty-six questions and was taken by the 107 students in the Sociology Class. It was required of the students to take the survey and although the students had to include their email addresses to receive credit, it was still a completely anonymous survey. There were a few questions of particular importance to this study: question-57 touched on working out in groups. Question-58 examined various methods of exercise. Question-56, which inquired upon various motivations for students working out, was the key question for
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Socio Report - Stephen Jabaut 2/18/07 Summary The focus of...

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