Korea notes 5.6 - Notes for 5-6 on Korea: The three...

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Notes for 5-6 on Korea: The three kingdoms in the Three Kingdoms Period are shilla, kaya, and paekche Koguryo was heavily influenced from china Paekche: Image 20: only object from Paekche, made in ceramic, paekche sent emissaries to japan, powerful aristocracy, remind us of their fantastic palaces they create, highly abstract mountains, guardian figure thought to represent hidden realm Shilla: Known as kingdom of gold Image 21: grass mounds with wooded/maybe stone figurines, ring of stone figurines surround the tomb representing the 12 zodiac symbols Image 22: gold crowns, closest thing to the gold crown was the Sassanid empire coins from the 3 rd C AD Kokok: form of jewelry, made of jade and gold coverings, possibly represented fangs or fetuses Image 23: kokok jewelry Kaya Kingdom: Image 24: distinctive feature is they are all hollow, incised patterns on the stand, animals significance is not known Image 25: warrior in full armor with fully armored horse, large emphasis on military, possible spiritual meaning Image 26: Birthday Buddha, iconography, very popular in Korea, this moment tells of the story right after the birth of the Buddha where he took seven steps in the righteous direction, child like, with one arm up and one arm down he is the connection between the heavens and the earth,
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Korea notes 5.6 - Notes for 5-6 on Korea: The three...

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