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Neolithic Period 4000-10 th Century BC Comb-pattern vessel Bronze Age 10 th -5 th Century BC Mirror (bronze) Jar (burnished red earthenware) Eggplant-pattern jar Iron Age 5 th -4 th Century BC Finials with Jingles (bronze) Three Kingdoms Period 37 BC-668 AD Paekche Kingdom - Tile relief Shilla Kingdom - Royal Tomb - Crown (gilt bronze) - Kokok Kaya Kingdom - Stand (stoneware) - Double wine cup {Not distinguished by kingdom} Birthday Buddha (gilt bronze) Seated Maitreya (gilt bronze) Standing Buddha (gilt bronze) Unified Shilla Dynasty 668-935 AD Standing Buddha of Medicine Pulguksa Temple Seated Shakyamuni Buddha Bottle with Flattened Sides Koryo Dynasty 936-1392 AD Illustrated manuscript of Lotus Sutra Amitabha Triad Water-Moon Avalokiteshvara Maebyeong Incense Container Choson Dynasty 1392-1910 AD Bottle (Punchong Ware) Flask-shaped bottle with incising
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Unformatted text preview: Wine cup Patchwork pojagi Embroidered pojagi Landscape in the style of An Kyon- Evening Bell from Mist-Shrouded temple- Autumn Moon over Lake Dongting Chong Son- Chong’yang-sa Temple- Three-Dragon Waterfall at Mount Naeyon Korea annexed & Colonized by Japan 1910-1945 AD Republic of Korea (South Korea) 1948-Present Democratic People’s Rep. of Korea (N. Korea) 1948-Pres. Kim Ho-Suk- The History of Korea’s resistance against Japanese Colonialism- Silent Demonstration Nam June Paik- Zen for Head (performance)- TV Magnet (sculpture)- Global Groove (video) Kimsooja- Object for Yang-Dong Village- Sewing into Walking – Dedicated to the victims of Gwangju- Epitaph Do-ho Suh- Some/One- Seoul Home/ L.A. Home Lee Bul- Majestic Splendor- Amaryllis Exam 2: Korea Timeline...
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