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japan notes 2 - The gion festival-during the edo period...

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Tuesday 4-5 or Wednesday 5-6 next week Tokugawa-ruled in edo period, 1615-1868 Image 45: lavish architectural structure, shrine Mizaru –do not see Haiku poem : Basho-poems name Winter solitude In a world of one color Sound of the wind Image 46: eluding to pan period Image 46: series of ten album leaves, paints in southern style Buson: More than last year I now feel solitude This autumn twilight Image 48: using a washed technique to create the falling snow look Image 49: woodblock prints Image 50: multiple block technique
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Unformatted text preview: The gion festival-during the edo period, rise of the merchant class, roots in the ninth century, Image 51: gion festival Artist Kuroda Seiki: from well to do family, signature painting is the female figure is a western idea that he got from Europe Image 52: three naked women, wisdom, sensibility, emotion, from right to left painted in the middle of the maijing period, made to represent japan in worldwide art show in paris...
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