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Immigration, Race and Ethnicity 1. Immigration: core of US society 2. Exception: Native Americans 3. Native Americans: forced removal and displacement 4. Immigrant Americans: multi racial and multi cultural From origins to destinies: How much choice do migrants have in process From coercion to semi forced Semi free to total freedom Examples: 1. Enslaved: African American 2. Conquest? Annexed: Mexican Americans, native Americans 3. Semi free/ indentured: Japanese, irish, german, Italian, Chinese, and Mexicans 4. The refugees: victims of war/ genocide (jews, Cambodians)
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Unformatted text preview: Waves of immigration (pedraza) First wave: 1. Northwest Europe: 2. England, Scotland, Norway, Sweden 3. “old immigrants”, some from germany and Ireland Push factors: 1. Religious presecution p5 2. Political and economic 3. Europe: feudalism to capitalism 4. Displace: peasants/serfs 5. Ex: English control over Ireland 6. Irish famine Pull factors: America: a colonial, agrarian society Socio historical concept/ race: 1. Sort ppl into groups 2. Create racial hierarchy 3. Justify exploitation...
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