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dg3 response - branches in your family tree Symbolic...

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Justin Haberly 1. Define and gives examples of “the Ethnic Miracle” in the US. Why is this process different for racially defined Americans? I feel there are numerous examples of the “Ethnic Miracle” where one sort of ethnic group is able to gradually assimilate into the population of the typical middle class of today. One of the biggest impacts of our country was when many of the Jewish population was being persecuted, they decided to come here and eventually helped open many important stores still around today, including Macy’s and the Levi jeans brand. I think the process is different for racially defined Americans because they are often not given the same opportunities as someone who is white descant might be given. 2. What is symbolic ethnicity; examples? Do you have real or “symbolic” ethnic
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Unformatted text preview: branches in your family tree? Symbolic ethnicity is a form of ethnicity where people are able to associate with one main ethnicity the majority of the time, but are also able to choose to belong to another ethnicity in their background in order to feel like still honor their ancestors. One example of symbolic ethnicity is Irish-Americans who choose to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and essentially be Irish for the day but for the rest of the year they never really follow Irish customs or are ever associated with Irish-American organizations. I really don’t have any symbolic ethnic branches in my family tree, my family has never really celebrated anything specific regarding my Irish or German heritage....
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