mmw 3 lecture 4-4-08

mmw 3 lecture 4-4-08 - 4/04 Jesus and Early Christianity...

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4/04 – Jesus and Early Christianity - Jesus was a Jew o Area under control by Rome - Testamentum : Supposed to mean a new covenant. New testament. Opposed to old covenant made with Abraham. God used Jesus to make a new covenant. Means “will.” - New Testament o 4 Lives of Jesus: Gospels o Letters: By early leaders of the Church o Act of the Apostles: History of Church From death and Resurrection of Jesus to the death of Paul. o Revelation : aka Apocalypse . Means “uncovering” or “revealing.” Signs of the second coming of Jesus. - 4 Gospels o Gospel means “good word” or “good news.” - New Testament originally written in Greek o Written in Koine . Means general. Generalized Greek spoken in area conquered by Alexander the Great. o Written to reach a larger audience. Language of the learned people, including the Romans. o Greece has richer vocabulary to express subtleties over Latin. - Alexander brought Greek culture to Middle East. - Jesus had some knowledge of different languages. - Gentiles : A non-Jew. Mainly lived in Judea. - Aramaic : Believed to be Jesus’ language. Descendant of Persian. - 4 Gospels o Matthew, Mark, and Luke are synoptic. Matthew says that Jesus spoke only in parables. o John Tells story in different way. No birth story. No parables . Incredibly detailed story about the last days of Jesus. Parable
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mmw 3 lecture 4-4-08 - 4/04 Jesus and Early Christianity...

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