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Joshua Oberholtzer Dr. David Dutwin Com. Research – Com 224 09/09/2007 National Survey of Teens: Teens Talk About Dating, Intimacy, and Their Sexual Experiences Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation and, YM MAGAZINE This survey studied the sexual habits and situations that teens face today. They took 650 boys and girls ages 13-18 from all over the country and surveyed them on intimacy and their sexual experiences. Of the interviewed teens 58% of those who are sexually experienced report not using protection every time they have sex, and more than a third have never talked with a sexual partner about preventing pregnancy or disease. However it was found that teens also hold the choice of virginity in high regards. One in two teens have been in a situation when they could have had sexual intercourse with
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Unformatted text preview: someone they liked but decided not to at the time. Three-quarters of teens say it is considered a "good thing to make a conscious decision not to have sex until some later time. Of the teens that do have sex only half of teens, whether they date or not, think their level of sexual experience is typical and a third think they have done less sexually than their friends including kissing, making out, fooling around, and possibly, sexual intercourse. Leaving only 13 percent to think that they are more experienced than their peers. The study provided insight into the minds of teens and showed that sex isn’t treated as lightly as some believe...
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