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Page 1 Advertising plays a dominant role in the lives of every individual in the developing world. The marketing strategy of a product is viewed as one of the main reasons for success or failure. Therefore, large amounts of funding have gone into marketing products in order to sell to certain groups of people and specific strategies have been developed on order to do so. No where is this role more prominent than in magazines. In this analysis, we dissected two gender opposing magazines, Good Housekeeping and GQ. We compared their advertising schemes and how gender roles were embedded in each magazine. The three topics that monopolized the advertisements are; lifestyles gained through materialism, dismemberment, and specific gender roles. Although Good Housekeeping and GQ differ greatly in a few of their advertising points, much of their advertising is strikingly similar only showing distinguishable differences in context. In both magazines the advertisements outline how materials guide your way of living. In a discussion of pop culture, Susan J. Douglas, states in her article, We Are What We Watch, “Reality TV keeps women in their place and encourages imagery from citizenship and world affairs into consumerism”. (Douglas, 2004, p. 526) This same idea parallels to other types of media. In Good Housekeeping, the ad for Cotton states, “You can never have enough.” It depicts a woman sitting in the midst of her room full of clothing, shoes, and accessories. It also states, “The dimensions of your closet are merely a guideline.” This implies that your closet defines who a person is with disregard to
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media analysis - Page 1 Advertising plays a dominant role...

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