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I. Family as an Institution 1. Central organizing principle for people around the world 2. Patterns of behavior that emerge out of needs and desires 3. Reproduces power relations found in society, and also provides shelter from inequities and can challenge the system 4. Institution 1. Maintains patterns of privilege and inequality 2. Connected to other institutions 5. Experience 1. Fulfills basic human needs 2. Provides our first experiences of love and relationships 3. Provides our first experiences of power and conflict 6. Power, Gender, and Family 1. Power in families 1. Access to resources that allows certain members to define the reality of others, have
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Unformatted text preview: their needs met, and experience more resources 2. Gender Socialization – Domination – Sexism – occur in interpersonal relationships 7. Gender Roles in Families 1. Mother/Wife 1. “To Mother” 1. Nurture 2. Care for 3. Provide Support 2. Meanings are culturally constructed, but is thought/expected to be innate, natural, biological 3. Lack of “public” resources 2. Father/Husband 1. “To Father” - Paternity 2. Meanings are culturally constructed, can limit men who want to be more involved in family 3. Male dilemma...
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