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HW assignment I (student) - Jennifer Bullian Economics...

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Jennifer Bullian Economics 101/111 Fall 2006 Microeconomics Assignment I 1. The fundamental problem of economics is: A) The law of increasing opportunity costs. B) The scarcity of resources relative to human wants. C) How to get government to operate efficiently. D) How to create employment for everyone. 2. To an economist, scarcity means that: A) Shortages will always exist. B) The market mechanism cannot be relied upon. C) A production-possibilities curve cannot accurately represent the tradeoff between two goods. D) There are not enough resources available to satisfy all our desire. 3. Which of the following is a scarce resource? A) Land. B) Labor. C) Entrepreneurship. D) All of the above. 4. Capital, as economists use the term, refers to: A) The money needed to start a new business. B) The costs of operating a business. C) Shares of stock issued by businesses. D) Final goods that are used to produce other goods and services. 5.
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HW assignment I (student) - Jennifer Bullian Economics...

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