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Gender Inequality A.Historical View a. In Europe i. Views of social scientists 1. Influenced the majority of the world 2. August Comte a. Promoted the idea that women are mentally and physically inferior to men. Men are far superior to women in physical, practical, and all mental capabilities. Women are slightly superior to men with feelings, emotions, and love. ii. Political significance 1. As a result of August Comte’s theories, only a handful of women were able to have any political significance b. In Africa i. 70% of agricultural work is done by women; they sell and grow the produce, yet they do not control the agricultural market or money ii. Angola and Nigeria 1. A school had residences for faculty around the school. Professor Hussein stayed in a guard’s room that had 4 push buttons. The buttons each represented the guard’s 4 wives. 2. In the US there was a 16 year old with 4 children. c. In Asia i. China : dominated by the theologies of Confucius 1. 3 Obediences a. A woman should be obedient to her father b. A woman should be obedient to her husband c. A woman should be obedient to her son 2. Four Virtues a. A woman must know she is inferior to men b. A woman must not talk too much c. A woman should pay attention to her appearance d. A woman’s responsibility is to do the house work ii. India 1. Status in general : women are treated terribly a. The husband is God on earth; worship him b. A husband dies and is cremated, the should jump into the fire along with her husband and sacrifice c. She must spend the rest of her life in mourning d. If a woman dies the husband does not need to die 2. Concept of Sati : the concept of sacrifice a. A husband died and was cremated, suddenly his wife and jumped into the fire too. The people watching clapped- they were arrested b. She is looked at as a saint
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d. In Arab countries i. Conflict over religion, yet general view is: women are inferior ii. Religions change under the influence of modernization but the views about women remain the same: they are inferior iii. Spain is a catholic country, yet gays can marry there iv. Religions have all modernized yet women are still inferior v. A ruler in Kuwait married a virgin teenager every week because his religion allowed this to happen: institutionalized prostitution. He had many children and eventually wanted to marry daughters. B. Religious View a. Religion is used to impose inequality on women in every society b. Woman in Judaism i. Primary role of a woman is as a wife and a mother ii. Limited role of women in synagogue: segregation from men c. Women in Christianity i. Primary role of a woman is as a wife and mother ii. Church leadership are all male roles iii. Participation of women in the work force is prohibited d. Women in Islam i. Woman are subordinate ii. Extreme segregation
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iss exam 4 - Gender Inequality A Historical View a In...

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