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Kabul profile essay - Essay#4 Profile Essay Kabul Kabul is...

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Essay #4: Profile Essay- Kabul Kabul is the capital of Afghanistan and is full of history. It is over 3,000 years old and has been fought over by many empires. Kabul is a war torn country that has been through an abundance of destruction and in recent years has been hit once again. In a span of six years, it has been struck with another round of devastation do to the invasion of powerful countries and militant forces and a civil war. The country of Afghanistan is surrounded by rugged mountainous terrain and some areas have flat plains. The country’s climate is a combination of extremes that can make it terribly difficult to live. Because of the intense winters, the poorest of people in Kabul and other parts of Afghanistan are forced to live in severe cold; some of them living in worn out clothes and not enough food to last them through the winter. Then, during the summer seasons, it is unbearably hot and almost feels as if it is impossible to walk around in the smoldering heat. In some parts of Kabul, industry is booming and the lives of some of the citizens are getting more prosperous, but at the same time there are still other citizens living right next to those skyscrapers in the making in their broken down shack. You see the culture clash within a culture. One is barely selling enough food to provide for his family and the other is enjoying the good life of new modern industry. There are an array of ethnic groups that reside in Kabul and Afghanistan. These ethnic groups include the Pashtuns, Uzbecks & Turkmen, Tajiks, Hazaras, 1
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Nuristanis, Aimaqs, and the Balochis. In the 1930s and 1940s Kabul University began opening classes, which was around the same time that the city began to grow as a prospering industrial center. Forest green, luscious gardens and trees
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Kabul profile essay - Essay#4 Profile Essay Kabul Kabul is...

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