Pol 122 - assembly resolution – not all have been...

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Pol 122 June 4, 2007 Impact of IR law on state behavior? Does it cause states to use it less, frequently, etc? Q:Do states comply with IR law on the use of force? A: don’t know Need: variation Data on illegal uses of force – no definitive data of what use of force was legal Set aside compliance…and look at: before after conflict Does UN charter reduce the use of force? Need control for other determinants: Is there an evolving norm of humanitarian and pro-democratic intervention? dramatic increase in UN peacekeeping Of the 54, 2/3 in 1991 Most of post 1991 were humanitarian in nature Also increase in SC authorization of force Clear from state practice that there is an evolving customary law intervention But, can we say there is an evolving… There conditions need to be met: 1. need to be common practice - yes 2. be accepted bythe IR community – don’t know how to measure but could look general
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Unformatted text preview: assembly resolution – not all have been accepted by everyone 3. Be defended as a legal principle – need states to defend – clearly not been claimed. The international Criminal Court (ICC) - been effective since July 2002. Prosecute individuals for genocide, war crimes, and crimes against humanity. ICJ- jurisdiction of governments, but not individuals – mandate is more broad ICC – mandate to a restrictive set of crimes Structure: Jurisdiction: Subject matter/Crimes: slides – eventual – aggression Persons: not automatic but only specific situations As long as country okay to prosecute individual then ICc has not jurisdiction Jurisdiction only on signatories, unless the SC requests it, otherwise it is limited Principle of complementary US objections: evaluations...
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Pol 122 - assembly resolution – not all have been...

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