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Political Science 105

Political Science 105 - Political Science 105 the...

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Political Science 105: the Legislature 4/02/08 TA office hours : Matt RM 280 M:2-4 / Ryan RM 285 W:12-2 -Members of Congress (MC) The Congress of the United States I. Introduction: Major Themes Fenno's Parodox - People generally have low approval ratings of Congress as an institution(INS), however their approval ratings for their own Representative is much higher. Actions of Congress -Bill's Impeachment -Liberation of Iraq Congress is Important in Understanding how American Government(Am. Gov't) works 1. Core in understanding Am. Gov't. - Look at how well government works in reality. - How Democratic is it? 2. It's huge and complex - How does it get things done -data;numbers (quantitative method) 3. How is it favored or disfavored in the system? 4. Description and (theorizing/authorizing?) Three Major Themes 1. Questions related to representation -How are the people being represented from the individuals they have elected? -Hannah Pintkin - "On Representation" 2. Questions related to Policy outlooks -What comes out of the Congress and Why?
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