Jan 24 - Jan. 29 * Michael Foote: leader of British labor...

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Jan. 29 *** Michael Foote: leader of British labor party in late 70s and early 80s with respect to his nuclear policies Significance:: in the view of the British public, labor’s policy is under Michael foote were outside the mainstream of British Politics and gave the Labor Party the image of being in the “loony left”. After the labors disaster in 1983 Gen. Elect. Michael Foote resigned and subsequent leaders have been more/should be more moderated. British Political parties Short IDs 4 out of 5: Tony Blair, National Health Service: what is it? And it’s relation to British Political System. 1 essay of a choice of 2: I. British Political Parties: policy debates and public image A. The conservatives: major right wing party:: the republican party , the degree has varied over time. 1. The new conservative party leader: David Cameron - Selected last year. - Early 40s: telegenic and youthful, hope among the conservatives:: transform the party from mainly old men to a youthful dynamic and more electable for the next British general election. - Method to selecting leaders: Last leader stepped down and many cons. Presented themselves. Present themselves to Nomination initially to the conservative members of the House of Commons. Every conservative house member votes among the candidates. After first round of votes, counted up and if there are more than 2 candidates, the candidates with the fewest first place is eliminated. Second round of voting…until 2 candidates left. Then all members of the conservative party votes. Nationwide Primary Cameron won against David Davis through the Nationwide Primary Prior: no nationwide primary through the Public. Switch because: losing election over election, lost last three general elections. Can truly say they are letting the people decide (symbolic:: not the same party, which has lost the last three elections) More democratic and rank and file:: british public gets to choose 2. Evolution of conservative Policy - The degree that the conservatives have been in the right in the PWS has varied. - Has stood against the intervention of the statesj - Did not support the set of policies which were Cradle to Grave. - Unenthusiastic to public housing, unemployment, etc.
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- did not oppose every aspect of PWS, felth there should be some thing done, Especially for the large share returning from the war, but only a moderate change. -
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Jan 24 - Jan. 29 * Michael Foote: leader of British labor...

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