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Social Psychology (Psy 240) Study Guide Exam 2 This study guide is meant to assist you in studying for the exam and is not meant to be a complete list of topics covered. Thus, use this guide to help you focus your studies, but please also refer to your text and to your class notes for topics that may have been omitted from the study guide. Please note the following chapters from Myers will be included on the exam: Chapters 5, 6, 7, 8 Topics Be familiar with the definition of the terms as well has how to apply the various theories to real-life situations. Genetic vs. Cultural influences of behavior *(be able to provide examples of behaviors and/or theories that demonstrate and refute each perspective) Norms (informal vs. formal, purpose, types) Gender differences as related to social connectedness, social dominance, aggression and sexuality Be familiar with problems associated with evolutionary theories Gender socialization Conformity Compliance vs. Obedience vs. Acceptance Be very familiar with the following studies and their results:
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