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Social Psychology (Psy 240) Study Guide Exam 4 This study guide is meant to assist you in studying for the exam and is not meant to be a complete list of topics covered. Thus, use this guide to help you focus your studies, but please also refer to your text and to your class notes for topics that may have been omitted from the study guide. Please note the following chapters from Myers will be included on the exam: Chapter 15 (please see past study guides for the other potential topics for the cumulative final). Topics Be familiar with the definition of the terms as well has how to apply the various theories/terms to real-life situations. -forensic psychology and legal psychology -target-absent vs. target present
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Unformatted text preview: -false identifications-factors affecting eyewitness identification accuracy (present at the event and during the investigation such as weapon focus effect, misinformation effect, eyewitness characteristics, witness feedback, witness confidence, etc.)-cognitive interview-sequential vs. simultaneous lineups-factors influencing juror decisions (defendant attractiveness and similarity, pretrial publicity, inadmissible evidence, etc.)-reactance-juror comprehension-jury selection-death qualified juries-group influences working in juries (patterns of majority and minority influence, persuasive arguments, group polarization, normative and informational influence)...
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