final GEOG!!! - 1) SAPs- Structural adjustment plan -are...

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1) SAPs- Structural adjustment plan -are the packages of neoliberal economic and social policy condition impose in developing countries by international financial institution(World Bank and IMF) as a condition for new loan and debt rescheduling 1.1 expand free trade 1.2 generate trade surpluses 1.3 encourage foreign investment 1.4 reduce and flatten taxes 1.5 cut public spending 1.6 privatize property right. 2.) Fiscal austerity (Global financial Candle) Government policies that designed to cut in public service (from health care to infrastructure) which help ensure long run surviving of the citizen - IMF argued that short term pain caused by fiscal austerity allows preventing the gov’t from borrowing money is for long term gain! - Cut the money, health care, education, facility and utility …. The image of country is worse for next generation to build its ability to compete successful in the future. Ironically, it caused negative long time and couldn’t be competed with other country 3.) Bretton Woods - Bretton Wood is the location of the conference of other 44 allied countries in July 1944 to create the financial and economic plan for the world. The mainly result of that conference created US. Dollar to be dominated in the world. 4) Name 4 factors that currently account for the fall of the dollar - The collapse of dollar-gold fix - The US. transition from lender to debtor. - the US. transition from exporter to the importer - The US transition from trade surplus to trade deficit. Long term 4.1 US current trade deficit importing more than exporting 4.2 Debt over hang the people and company own huge amount of credit card debt, mortgage debt. Moreover, the government expense(sell gov’t bond) debt over hang Short term 4.3 Credit squeeze US supply mortgage (people can borrow money with low interest rate), people didn’t give money back and causing bankruptcy. The bank system went down which contribute to the decline of economic. 4.4 Federal response the government decides to lowering interest in the short term, in order to encourage the moving of economic activities. Foreign investment they don’t think it is worth to hold dollars Chinese, Japanese, Middle east countries start to worry to hold lots of dollar begin to change US dollars into other currency.
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5) Cosmopolitanism (Soft and Carceral) Soft is for the upper class and rich people, they have an access to all the good and everything. Carceral is the lower class. the poor people migrate to seek for opportunity , by that way, they become more worldly. 1. Expedited removal = deportation sending the migrants ack to their own countries. 2. Extraordinary rendition = slightly against international law??? 6) Global South
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final GEOG!!! - 1) SAPs- Structural adjustment plan -are...

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