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PRACTICE QUESTIONS FOR TEST I (ANSWERS ON BACK) A. Which are icons (looks or sounds like its meaning) or symbols (no natural resemblance)? 1 . A striped pole signifying a barber shop is 2. The word 'apple' signifying the fruit 'apple' is 3. The word ha-ha-ha signifying laughter is B. Which word contains a bound root? rewrite, remit, rest, redo C. Which word contains a cranberry morph? cranapple, lukewarm, hunter, tiger D. Which abbreviation is an acronym? AIDS, econ, enthuse E. Which is a complex word? tiger, teacher, salamander, blackboard F. Which is a compound word? salamander, escapism, enchilada, eardrum G. Which is a simple word? error, eggs, walked, salamander H. Which is a blend (portmaneau morpheme)? trashcan, polysci, smog I. Which is a clipped word?
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Unformatted text preview: smog, prof, egg, nose J. What word building processes do the following non-English words exemplify? wiki- wikiwiki (Hawaiian: move fast--swift), fikas-fumikas (Bontok:strong-become strong), chokma- ikchokmo (Chickasaw: he is good-he is not good). K. Which is a simple sentence? John and Mary were working. John worked and Mary worked. John thought that Mary worked. L. Name the part of speech, tell which words belong to open or closed classes, and tell which are content words or function words: actions, explodes, he, greenish, and, under, swiftly, the. M. Which words contain a derivational affix? Which contain an inflectional affix? eggs, walked, singing, rewrite, inventive, goodness, nudism, John's, worker, faster....
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