syllabus S'08 - Western Washington University Biology 101...

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Western Washington University Biology 101: Introduction to Biology Spring Quarter 2008 Instructor : Georgianne Connell Lecture: AH100 M, W, F 8-8:50am, 3-3:50pm Office hour : Phone : 650-2016 Email : [email protected] Introduction to biology : This course will give you an understanding of the processes that give rise to and sustain life. Special topics will reflect human interests such as nutrition, cancer, and our role in altering ecosystems. The content goals for this course are to understand: how cells/organisms maintain homeostasis, grow, and reproduce in a changing world how biogeochemical processes are linked on Earth the interconnectedness of organisms the principles of evolution how humans affect world ecology The process goals for this course are for you to improve your ability to: create, read and critically evaluate tables and figures read and understand scientific writing discriminate between reliable and unreliable statements pertaining to science study for and be successful in biology Required Text : Discover Biology 3 rd ed. by Cain et al. Discover Biology Art Notebook Evaluation of work : Midterm 100 Final 100 Quizzes (10 @ 10pts ea) 100 Lab 100 . Total points possible 400 Exams : Lecture exams will consist of a mixture of multiple choice, true/false, and matching questions. Exam content will come primarily from lecture and secondarily from assigned readings. Exams will not be graded on a curve. However, if no one scores 100%, all scores will be bumped an appropriate number of points to bring
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syllabus S'08 - Western Washington University Biology 101...

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