tst3revrevans - _F 8 Black English is a separate language...

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Linguistic 201-Shipley Study Sheet Answers - Test 3 Semantics, Pragmatics, Sociolinguistics The test will cover the materials in the lectures, handouts and the text. Review the material in Chapters 6 and 7 , especially in the review sections, in the margins and in bold type . Also, go over the handout material. The test will be largely objective including true/false, matching, fill-ins and multiple choice. Review thematic roles. Samples of potential questions: True or False: ___F__ 1. Languages all change at basically the same rate. ___T_ 2. Dialect and variety are synonyms for the same thing. ___T__ 3. When a pidgin is learned as a first language it becomes a creole. ___T__ 4. Words that are opposite in meaning are called antonyms. ___F__ 5. All languages have the same number of dialects. ___T__ 6. The study of how context affects meaning is called pragmatics. ___F__ 7. Language contact usually results in languages becoming more dissimilar.
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Unformatted text preview: ___F__ 8. Black English is a separate language from Standard English. ___T_ 9. Agent and theme are examples of thematic roles. Complete each statement : 1. A language used between many different groups, such as Swahili in East Africa or English in India, is called a Lingua Franca . 2. A makeshift second language used between several groups of adults who speak different native languages is called a Pidgin . 3. One subfield of semantics is called lexical (or) phrasal semantics 4. Words like tale and tail are called homonyms . 5. Agent is an example of a thematic role . Match the following: __d__ 1. cold/hot a) relational antonym __e__ 2. married/single b) redundant phrase __a__ 3. buy/sell c) homonym __c__ 4. buy/by d) gradational antonym __b__ 5. male boy e) complementary antonym 1...
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tst3revrevans - _F 8 Black English is a separate language...

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