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ANSWERS: A . icon : the word ha-ha-ha (most words are symbols; only onomatopoetic words are icons.) symbols : the word apple, the barber shop pole. B . Remit contains the bound root -mit. Other bound roots include -ceive, -ject, -sect, - gress. C . luke and cran are cranberry morphs because they don’t appear in a single other English word yet they have obvious meanings. D . acronym : AIDS. Others include scuba, radar, CD-ROM, etc. E. complex word : teacher. Any word with at least one suffix or prefix is a complex word. F . compound : eardrum. Compounds must have two or more root morphemes. G . simple : salamander. A simple word has 1 root, no affixes (the root may be polysyllabic). H . blend : smog (smoke + fog) the constituents of true blends cannot be divided syllable by syllable into separate morphemes; others : brunch, infomercial. I . clipped word : prof is a clipping of professor. Others: rad(ical), bro(ther).
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Unformatted text preview: J . wiki-wikiwiki ( reduplication ), fikas-fumikas ( infixation ), chokma-ikchokmo ( circumfixation ). K . simple : John and Mary were working. compound : John worked and Mary worked. complex : John thought that Mary worked. L . action ( N ) noun, productive, content word; explodes ( V ) verb, productive, content word; he ( Pro ) pronoun, unproductive, function word; greenish ( Adj ) adjective, productive, content word; and ( conjunction ) unproductive, function word; under ( P ) preposition, unproductive, function word; swiftly ( Adv .) adverb, productive, content word; the ( Det ) article, unproductive, function word. (productive = can be used to form new words.) M . derivational affixes : re- , in- ive, -ness, -ism, worker inflectional affixes : eggs walked singing . Johns faster...
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