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tst1reviewans-2 - a symbol b icon C Match each underlined...

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Linguistics 201/ S HIPLEY T EST O NE R EVIEW S HEET Sample Questions : A. Write True or False before each statement. __F__ 1.The word books contains one morpheme. __T_ 2. Onomatopoeic expressions are intended as verbal icons. __F__ 3. Words such as the, of, and, at, to, are examples of content words. . __F__ 4. English makes extensive use of infixes and circumfixes in its morphology. __T__ 5. No theory on the origin of language has been scientifically proven. __F___ 6. The words ‘teacher’ and ‘colder’ both contain the same morpheme -er. __F___ 7. The words ‘spin, span, spawn’ all contain the morpheme ‘sp’. __F___ 8. An ape can only acquire the spoken language skills of a two or three year old. B. Multiple Choice—Circle the letter of the best answer. 1. Slips of the tongue and other accidental mistakes in speech would be studied in connection with a) linguistic competence b) linguistic performance c) descriptive linguistics d) transformational grammar. 2. A sign showing rocks falling to represent a rock slide is an example of
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Unformatted text preview: a) symbol b) icon C. Match each underlined morpheme or word as one of the following: 1. _ii__ laga/lalaga i. acronym 2. _i__ CdROM ii. reduplication 3. _iv__ cheeseburger iii. simple word 4. _iii__ salamander iv. blend D. Finish the statement . 1. Classifying languages according to structure is known as language ____typology ____________ 2. The”-er” suffix in “rocker” is a _derivational _____________ suffix. 3 The head of the construction “NP --> Art Adj N” is ___N _______. 4. grammatical/syntactic ___ categories are comprised of phrasal and lexical categories 5. A verb which requires a direct object is known as a __transitive _________________ verb. 1 E. Indicate the category of each underlined word in the following sentences. Det/art V N P a. A jogger ran toward the end of the lane. F. Give the Deep Structure of the following phrase. What has the student seen? The student has seen what. 2...
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tst1reviewans-2 - a symbol b icon C Match each underlined...

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