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The sounds of English Answers A. All English sounds are made using the PULMONIC EGRESSIVE airstream mechanism. B. Transcribe the bold-face letters: 1. h 2.h 3.h 4.h 5.h 6. 7. 8. 9.h 10.h 5 C. Classify the consonant sounds of English 1. Nasals ’ 4 h 2. Stops [p] [b] [t] [d] [k] [g] 3. Glides [j] [w] 4. Liquids [l] [r] 5. Lateral [l] I’m unique! All other consonants are central 6. Fricatives [f] [v] D U D D ( 7. Affricates [ D e 8. Obstruents (stops, fricatives, and affricates) 9. Sonorants (nasals, liquids, glides) 10. Voiceless [p] [t] [k] [f] rm 5 4 11. Bilabials [p] [b] [m] 12. Labiodentals [f] [v] 13. Alveolars
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Unformatted text preview: [t] [d] [s] [z] [n] [l] [h] [r] 14. Interdentals h h 15. Velars [k] [ g] [h h h 16. Glottals [h] h D. Transcribe 1. h 2.h 3. h 4. h 5. h 6. h 7. [o] 8. [u] 9. [e] 10. [aj] 11. h 12. [a] 13. [aj] 14. [aw] 15. [u] 16. [u] 17. [o] 18. h E. Classify vowels: 1. fronth h h h h central h h back h h h h 2. high h h h h mid h h h h h h low h h 3. rounded [u] h h 4 (all English mid and high back vowels) unrounded h h h h h h 4. tense h h h h lax h h h h h h h 5. true diphthongs h h 4...
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