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social darwinism paper

social darwinism paper - Brandon Ivey Writing 2 Susan Cook...

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Brandon Ivey Writing 2 Susan Cook 11-6-06 Is Natural Selection Natural? America has always been an advocate for human equality and considers its borders to be a safe haven of tolerance and understanding. This is ironic based on the fact that the original colonist who came here searching for religious freedom striped the land from its original owners, cheated them, and drove some of the tribes to the brink of extinction. The so called religious colonist completely disregarded some of the Bible’s core values of not murdering and stealing in order to fulfill their own greed. With our extremely advanced technology taking control of the land was very easy. This is also seen in other species of animals as well; the biggest, strongest, and fastest gain all the respect and power. This fact was popularized by Charles Darwin’s book the Origin of Species , this book contains the theory of Natural Selection basically states, There are certain plants and animals that have certain genetic traits that allow them to survive better in nature. This idea was the founding block of Social Darwinism, this theory holds the same idea but it applies it to the ethnicities of humans saying that some races are genetically destined to be superior. This false principle has been proven false throughout history, by showing that its followers lead to their own destruction. Many intolerant groups use Social Darwinism as a justification for their bigotry. This problem is not isolated solely in American culture, but in countries all over the world millions of innocent people are being slaughtered; just because humans can not settle their differences. All this animosity wastes time and energy that could be spent on the advancement of society instead of destroying it. One of the most famous disasters of Social Darwinism is the unforgettable actions of Nazi Germany. The Nazi party was originally founded to unite the German people after depressing defeats during World War One. The main promise of the Nazi party was that it would form a master race to
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rule the world. Adolf Hitler was the leader of the Nazi party, and his orders had six million captured Jews killed, in addition to the losses on both sides of the battlefield. Even though Hitler only caused chaos there are some people who consider him a hero. The Ku Klux Klan and The Neo-Nazi movement hold Hitler’s opinions with the most up right respect imaginable. There respect is misplaced, because many events in Hitler’s life prove that he was not a member of Natural Selection. Encarta encyclopedia reveals that “Hitler he was a poor student and that he had a fondness for art, but showed not determination to make his true goals come true. Later he served in World War 1, and then later moved on to politics, where after gain enormous public support started the Nazi party.( Weinberg, 2006 ) After the allied forces broke through the Nazi front lines Hitler killed himself in fear of the consequences of his actions. Hitler was not willing to fight for what he viewed was rightfully his. Instead of standing up
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social darwinism paper - Brandon Ivey Writing 2 Susan Cook...

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