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Brandon Ivey 5-5-08 Professor Dikes Discretion Essay No two people in the world are identical in every way, this fact also applies to crime. The cause of crime can range from anger, defense, greed, and many more other circumstances. With these emotions attached to particular crimes some might seem justified to others and is why some trials end with hung juries and can have several appeals. With different components in the criminal justice system all severing an individual purpose to justice. It is important that they have options on how to use their authority. However this can also have negative side effects because of people abusing their power for personal gain. This causes people to lose faith in our justice system . The law enforcement component of the criminal justice system is to catch and apprehend violators of the law in order for them to be handed over to the correctional phase for further processing. On their daily patrol officers have to be ready for any situation. The crimes they will respond to will range from petty crimes such as shop lifting all the way to murder or armed robbery in progress. If an officer has to deal a young child shoplifting who does not pose a
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Final Essay - Brandon Ivey 5-5-08 Professor Dikes...

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