Sex and Controversy

Sex and Controversy - Brandon Ivey Sex and Controversy...

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Brandon Ivey Sex and Controversy Final Draft I choose to compare “The Eye of the Beholder: Parents View on Sex of Newborns”, and “The Scientist in Society”. I liked the way both of those articles addressed issues in society that not everybody might be aware of. While they focused on completely different topics they are both important. Something that they do share in common is how the subjects are being underestimated. It seems that both subjects children and scientist need others to determine what is important to achieve, and are not commended unless they please other’s needs and desires. The parents of the children think that they must hold their children’s hand all the way through life, instead of letting nature take its course. The brilliantness of the scientist is being undervalued; with out their hard work and dedication, life would be completely different and probably miserable. Instead of being commended for their work, people are beginning to act like they are just doing their job and their soul purpose, is to serve them. The “Eye of the Beholder” essay shows how parents try to live their children’s lives before the child has any concept of the world. While it isn’t that extreme parents are still expecting and forcing their children to conform to society’s expectations. Parents tell their children to be individuals, but that can be risky because they might not be accepted in a society that has a structured set of regulations. “Eye of the Beholder” made me revisit the idea that our culture is so status orientated that parents are afraid that their children’s decisions will make other look down on the whole family. The main point that this article addresses is that a person’s sex, is not as simple as just being male or female. The sex of a person can affect a person’s behavior, role in
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society, and their opportunities to achieve. In its investigation the article shows that sex typing and sex role socialization begins at birth, and the pressure comes from the baby’s own parents. To get a better grasp on the subject, the researchers held an experiment with
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Sex and Controversy - Brandon Ivey Sex and Controversy...

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