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Brandon Ivey 6-7-08 Dan Jenkins Multiple Personality Disorder The second a baby is born, is happiest moments for the parents, with their wedding day being a close second. They have only the best wishes and intentions for the future however they can not protect their child from everything. The experiences a child has at young age will have a great deal of influence into the type of person they will become in the future. With a world full of violence, drugs, and sexual predators it can be a horrific thought of letting your child out of your sight for the slightest moment. Every child is unique and the outcome of the situation will be different depending on the child's previous experience with the situation. However the process for handling the situation is the same for everybody. Humans have a bipolar mind (http://www.dissociation.com/index/definition/) one side is called the emotional self and the other is the intellectual self. Both sides work together in order to help us react rationally to our problems. First our emotional side tells
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us how we feel then the intellectual side takes control and helps us react rationally and appropriately according to the current place and time. Trauma such as extreme sexual abuse or a life threatening condition can cause the two sides of the brain to separate. After separation a disorder known as Multiple Personality Disorder or Multiple Personality Disorder may develop in a person. Other causes for the development disorders is the polarization of parents and siblings. One parent is seen as bad and the other as good. Their role will constantly alternate, but if the parents are consistent in their roles the development of Multiple Personality Disorder is unlikely. The unfair treatment of one child compared to other children in the family can cause Multiple Personality Disorder to develop as well (http://www.dissociation.com/index/definition/).
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abnormal final paper - Brandon Ivey Dan Jenkins Multiple...

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