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200-word essay for Middlebury

200-word essay for Middlebury - 200-Word Essay I started...

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200-Word Essay I started studying French as a freshman in high school. It was the language that fewer students were studying because Spanish was considered the most popular and therefore, I decided that French was the language for me. I wanted to do something different from the norm and something that was considered a challenge by most students. I studied French throughout high school. During this time, I attended two different schools and was taught by three different French teachers. Nevertheless, my desire and my passion to learn French continued and grew stronger as I excelled in my studies. I traveled to France for the first time during the summer after my sophomore year in high school. It was considered a “fun trip”, however it opened me up to a part of the world that I came to love. We visited France, Belgium, and Holland. The summer after high school graduation, I traveled to Venezuela as a missionary with my grandmother’s church. The experience was eye opening, humbling, and I was
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