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reading study guide final - Omidivari et. Al.(2005)...

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Omidivari et. Al.(2005) Hypothesis o Prevalence of smoking is the same in the us population as main characters in movies How did they test this? o Cotemporary American movies 1990 and after o No G movies, No science fiction, no flashbacks o Top 10 weekly box office o Top 5 characters in the movies o 477 movies viewed What kind of study? o Content Analysis Results o Smoking in the us and in movies is about the same o Men smoke more in movies o Smoking among ethnicities is about the same o White’s smoke more in movies o Smoking rankings R > 13 > pg o Smoking is higher in bad guys o Smoking rankings poor > middle > high (class) o Independent movies had more smoking overall. Not in nonwhite men and protagonists Limitations of the study o Discrimination against movies that are not top 10 o Discrimination against animated and science fiction films Shields et al. (1999) Purpose of study o Who decides when to include tobacco in a project o How the decision is made o What issues are considered o What messages are intended o How the issue of second hand smoke is considered o What advocacy method might be useful in influencing future decisions about tobacco portrayal Methods used o Collected interviews o use of a coding scheme to keep track of themes o continued interviews until no new information was being derived from the interviews Sample of individuals o Rates of portrayal Attributed decline of tobacco use based on greater public health awareness o Product placement
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No one believed that product placement played a prominent role for tobacco depiction o Who makes the decision? Writers, actors, and directors are most likely to initiate tobacco depiction o Why is tobacco used in film? To reveal some aspect of the character Project an edgy gritty image o Tobacco depiction: how essential is it? Most people found it useful but rarely necessary o How deliberate is the decision? The care taken in making the decisions vary o Reasons for non-depiction Policies, not fitting the character o Industry responsibility There’s a reciprocal influence between society and the entertainment industry o How to best approach the industry Controversy around the issue of tobacco use Extent to which the topic had become a point of discussion
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reading study guide final - Omidivari et. Al.(2005)...

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