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PEREZ Lizette Perez ENG 102 (8) First Essay, Working Draft June 6, 2006 Openness or Concealment, “Mortmain” In “Mortmain” by Graham Greene, Carter learns the difference between openness and concealment. The story talks about a new marriage that relies on openness. Julia is Carter’s unconditional lover; she had always been for him, hearing all his problems and giving him advice. Now they are starting a honest and open marriage but the shadow of Josephine (Carter’s ex) is always following them. Josephine is an envious person obstinate with the idea of destroying this new marriage. The point-of-view character is Carter, whose central internal conflict involves choosing either openness or concealment; Julia chooses openness; Josephine chooses concealment. One side of Carter’s conflict is openness. In the beginning of the story Carter is a frank person that hates to have secrets with his partner Julia, even though he had experienced the taste of a concealed relationship. “It was typical of this new frank relationship that Josephine was there at all. He had no secrets from Julia”(1). Carter is living in a new relationship where mutual trust exists. He enjoys the fact that his new partner knows everything about his past relationship and the openness that it involves. Another fragment of the story that shows Carter’s frankness is the part where he realizes that it is better to live in an open relationship. As this quote illustrates, “Again he thought how wonderful it was to have no secrets. Now he had no fear of anything at all: he could have trusted even a guilty secret to Julia’s sympathy and 1
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PEREZ comprehension”(2). Carter knows very well that it is better to be an open person and that Julia will always trust him no matter what. The other side of Carter’s conflict is concealment. Carter has just finished a chaotic and obscure relationship. He is doing his best to have a new and frank one, but in many parts of the story he fails in his intent.
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mortmain - PEREZ 1 Lizette Perez ENG 102 (8) First Essay,...

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