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2nd chapt. review history

2nd chapt. review history - Cockrell Chapter 26 Review The...

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Cockrell 10/22/07 Chapter 26 Review The Soviet Union and the United States both contributed to the start of the Cold War. The Bretton Woods agreement of 1944 was one of the first moves the United States made to bring world dominance in the noncommunist world. This initiated the idea that “the American century” of peace and affluence had begun. This was seen as a threat to the Soviet Union. Additionally, the US began to purchase raw materials from weak countries which would advance development of science and technology. New electronics, and synthetic materials were rapidly produced. The Cold War was the product of necessity in filling the void of power where Germany and Japan had fallen, and the colonial empires in Asia and Africa had ended. Stalin wanted to bolster power for the Soviet Union by taking over Bulgaria, Hungary, and Romania in spite of the Yalta Declaration of Liberated Europe. President Truman was not willing to allow Soviet supremacy any farther than Russia’s borders. This spread of communism would also have greatly hindered American trade that depended strongly on exporting goods. Truman saw the spread of the Soviet Union was an opportunity to show he was a strong leader. Truman believed the United States should have been able to control the postwar settlement because of the monopoly of atomic bombs and the position as an economic world super power. The United States began their attempt to contain the spread of communism in 1946 when President Truman deployed part of the Sixth Fleet to the Black Sea, threatening to send American Troops if the Soviets did not leave Iran. After the US’s proposal to the UN to stop the Soviets from creating an atomic arsenal was rejected the arms race began to develop dooms day
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weapons. In 1947 the Truman doctrine was released which stated that the US would support any free people who wanted to resist the spread of communism at the hands of the Soviet Union. This
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2nd chapt. review history - Cockrell Chapter 26 Review The...

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