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Baltimore ravens franchise analysis outline

Baltimore ravens franchise analysis outline - A Mascot came...

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Managing a Sports Franchise Cryan Sports Franchise: Baltimore Ravens I. Franchise Finances A. Franchise value- Recently purchased for $649 billion B. The payroll for 2005 was $94,699,413 C. Ticket profits- average price is $62.01 II. On Field performance A. 67 wins and 35 losses since the year 2000 B. Won the Superbowl in 2000 C. 32 Pro Bowl selections since 2000 D. Since 2000 the Ravens defense as averaged a ranking of 8 th III. Strength of market and fan demographics A. In 2005 the between 69,000-71,0000 were in attendance on gameday, capacity is only 70,107 B. 62,000 PSLs have been sold C. Immense support stems from 13 years Baltimore did not have a team after the colts left IV. A. Cost $220 million to construct B. Funds to build generated from the sale of tax-exempt revenue bonds, debt service paid by lottery proceeds and the Ravens C. 8,196 Club seats D. 119 Suites E. Recently installed Sportexe Momentum Turf F. V. Team Identity
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Unformatted text preview: A. Mascot came from Baltimore native Edgar Allen Poe’s poem “The Raven” B. Defense is stressed due to lack of offensive production C. Purple, White and Black are team colors VI. Community relations A. Each year spring training camp is held at McDaniel College B. Outside the stadium is the Ravens Walk featuring cheerleaders and events for children C. Offensive linemen Edwin Mulitalo holds a luau every year to raise money for his charity which advocates music for children D. Ray Lewis Foundation funds disadvantaged youth VII. History A. Moved to Baltimore from Cleveland in 2005 B. Art Modell owned team until 2004, now owned by Steve Biscotti C. Won Superbowl in 2000 D. Head coach- Brian Billick since 1998 VIII. Current level and league stability A. Since winning superbowl in 2000 Baltimore is a playoff contender each year B. Have a first round bye in playoffs this season C. 5 out of past 6 years the Ravens had had winning records...
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Baltimore ravens franchise analysis outline - A Mascot came...

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