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blood pressure and weight for health - poor decisions they...

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Contemporary Wellness Bailey Blood pressure/Weight Blood pressure is the force in which blood is pushed against the vessels in the body. A person’s blood pressure is a way to represent how hard the heart must work in order to pump blood to each throughout the body. It is important to avoid activities which can result in high blood pressure (hypertension). Prehypertenstion begins at 120/80, phase one hypertension begins at 140/90 and phase two begins at 160/100. Smoking, obesity, stress, and consuming too much salt are all factors that will stimulate hypertension. Often times high blood pressure can be a genetic issue. In this case people must take prescriptions which will lower their level. However in the case that a person is making
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Unformatted text preview: poor decisions they should become more active with aerobic activity and make healthier eating choices. When I went to Ellington Health Services I found that my blood pressure has remained the same since it was recorded upon my arrival. My blood pressure level is 100/70, which is normal. Also, I weighed in at 159.8 pounds. This is almost a gain of fifteen pounds since my arrival to Elon. I think this can be attributed to the time I spend in the weight room because I have not gained any noticeable fat. Essentially, I believe that the added weigh is mostly muscle because I have not changed my diet drastically, and I have maintained a workout routine....
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