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Civilities and Civil Rights Book Review Civilities and Civil Rights , by William H. Chafe, takes an objective view of the civil rights movement in Greensboro, North Carolina. With plentiful primary source excerpts and analyses the reader is able to gain an unbiased and honest perspective of the movement. The events which occurred in Greensboro are a distinct portrayal of the time period in the rest of the United States. Such a specific view of the time allows for a more personal and insightful look at the accomplishments and setbacks of the African Americans during such a taxing time. The novel opens with a general description of the caste system which was rigidly placed upon African Americans. Even with the Brown versus the board of education Supreme Court decision, white society was firm in its reluctant stance. This was evident as “…the maid in the house, the janitor in the office, or the president at the black state college would not contradict what the white “boss” wanted to hear. To do so would be to risk one’s security and livelihood (Chafe 68).” Politicians, at this time, walked along a tight rope in terms of deciding what stance would be best for Guilford county and the rest of North Carolina. The first attempt white people made was to create a “separate but equal” society where the two race could live amongst each other without interaction. This was a failure as public funding never went to black public institutions. Groups like the NAACP and students of universities where the most influential of this movement, as adults were complacent because they did not believe any changes could be made. After relentless protests, sit-ins, and countless arrests from people of all walks of life in the black community; the demands for equality began to be heard. The students of North Carolina A & T were the leaders in Greensboro of these bold statements. Upon the initial
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BOOK REVIEW history - Civilities and Civil Rights Book...

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