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Chapt 32 review history - Cockrell History 123 Chapter 32...

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Cockrell History 123 Chapter 32 Review During Clinton’s second term he instigated many initiatives which were beneficial to society. This was possible due to the economic boom which the country enjoyed during his tenure. In 1997 Clinton signed a Republican bil which gave tax cuts while creating a timetable for a balanced budget by 2002. Some of the other initiatives were school uniforms, parents’ reading to their children, and the citizens’ commission to lead a national dialogue race. During his second term the Supreme Court ruled that it was unfair to give federal employment on the basis of race. The state of California also stopped race from being a factor in state schooling and agencies. Throughout Clinton’s second term his actions were rather progressive. In 1998 Clinton created tax cuts for college tuition, Medicare for underprivileged children, and other smaller social programs. Such progress and success was accompanied by scandals surrounding Clinton. Clinton was accused of two specific sexual scandals. The first involved a sexual harassment case with Paula Jones. When subpoenaed by officials to speak of this situation President Clinton was also interrogated of sexual relations with intern Monica Lewinsky. Although the president denied all such claims to reporters, the public, and his administration; a tape recording from Linda Tripp (previous friend of Lewinski) detailed relations the intern had with the president. After this incident the house sent four articles of impeachment to the senate which did not pass. Even during this scandalous period the president’s approval rating reached 70% during the trials. In foreign policy Clinton was not extremely successful; however this was not a major concern of the public at this time. One of his accomplishments was ending the bloody conflict
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between the Serbs and Croats. In 1994 Clinton sent 26,000 troops to Somalia and then after only
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Chapt 32 review history - Cockrell History 123 Chapter 32...

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