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Exam 2 study guide history - Exam #2 History 123 Grange...

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Exam #2 – History 123 Grange Movement: 1867 by Oliver Kelly, who was a government official who organized the people in his area. His people/farmers were being devastated by the poor conditions, so they needed some way out of the poverty, so they grouped together. The concept of a state fair emerged out of the grange movement. Farmer Alliance: A very successful third party movement that actually got somewhere. The railroads caused farmers to lose money, so they established the Granger laws to regulate the fees. The alliance was very democratic and women were finally given power within a group. Mary Elisabeth Lease: Came out of the Farmers Alliance. Was the first female lawyer, and was an extremely successful one at that. She was from Kansas and used the phrase “Raise more hell and less corn” in response to the poor conditions the farmers were under through both the government and the weather. Jerry Simpson: A country bumpkin that countered powerful bankers and politicians. William Jennings Bryan: The Muckrakers: Triangle Shirtwaist Company Fire: Northern Securities: Upton Sinclair: Pure Food and Drug Act: Ballinger-Pinchot Controversy: Underwood Act: Owen-Glass Bill: Watson Rankin: 1919 Spanish Influenza: Lusitania: War-Industries Board: Espionage and Sedition Act: Eugene Debbs: American Expeditionary Force:
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Exam 2 study guide history - Exam #2 History 123 Grange...

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