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Contemporary Wellness Bailey An Inconvenient Truth: Reflection I attended the documentary produced by Al Gore entitled An Inconvenient Truth at the Elon Community Church. This production shed new light upon the issue of global warming which is so obviously being ignored today. Gore presented a plethora of graphs and statistics that should be catching the attention of every country around the world. Humans are impacting the earth in a way that could be irreversible, and if no action is taken to combat our lifestyles we could be setting ourselves up for failure. This presentation applied to my wellness in that I learned the importance of taking personal action, and then advocating that others do the same. Little things such as letting water run for less time, saving paper, or using a hybrid vehicle all can contribute to the betterment of our future environment. As an Elon student I feel as though it would be very beneficial to explain this environmental issue to the rest of the student body. Awareness is the key to solving this problem; if students understand importance of
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GLOBAL WARMING - Contemporary Wellness Bailey An...

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