HISTORY FINAL stdy guide

HISTORY FINAL stdy guide - Key Terms Service Men’s...

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Unformatted text preview: Key Terms Service Men’s Readjustment Act- A bill to give returning service men Money for education, open a small business, or buy a home, made college education affordable to low to middle class students, democratization of higher education and helped to create “the greatest generation” Clark Clifford- On Truman’s staff and felt that Truman would lose in the upcoming election, sent Truman a memo to reinstitute the New Deal Coalition which would help farmers, minorities, and organized laborers—this would allow Truman to win in 1948, Clifford had idea to desegregate the army and create commission for civil rights Levittown- One of the first subdivisions of mass produced houses which all look identical, each house had a certain amount of procedural steps to build efficiently, neighborhoods have conformity rules, originated in NY Edward Hopper- Artist who depicted the conformity of the social life of the 50’s in paintings, associated with white collar work and corporate atmosphere David Reisman- Wrote “The lonely crowd” sociologist that detected a personality shift from inner directed to other directed, said that conformity breeds alienation because not everyone can conform New Look- Cold War policy, reliance of military to keep communists at bay, nuclear capability and way to deliver weapons expanded greatly, led to military industrial complex, Eisenhower warned of this in his address Bay of Pigs- place in Cuba where the U.S. planned to invade with the small rebel army, trained in Guatemala and given military support to oust Castro, in 1961, Castro and his army pinned troops on the beach, huge fiasco Cuban Missile Crisis- Eisenhower had developed plan to oust Castro, placed a leader in Cuba...
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HISTORY FINAL stdy guide - Key Terms Service Men’s...

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