Intelligence Trap - February 13, 2007 Global Studies...

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February 13, 2007 Global Studies Calhoun Assignment #5: The Intelligence trap The intelligence trap is the trap that intelligent people sometimes set for themselves. Simply because someone is intelligent, it does not mean that they have the analytical ability to reason logically. According to related readings and discussions on the intelligence trap, its seems those who are of higher intelligence tend to be poor thinkers in that they are unwilling to expand upon what they already know. Due to arrogance and their belief that their point of view is always the correct view, they look upon people who have different beliefs as inferior. In order to be intelligent, an individual must posses the ability to think rationally and view information from outside their common explanations. When someone is caught up in the intelligence trap, they view their peers as inferior to themselves since they feel that their ideas, views or beliefs are the only views that are correct. Rather than be willing to understand a view point of a peer who has different beliefs, a person
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Intelligence Trap - February 13, 2007 Global Studies...

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