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LSM 212 The Street and Smith Sports Business Journal included an article primarily concerning upgrades to The Los Angeles Galaxy’s facility. This particular article correlates to the franchise portion of the Leisure and Sports Management hand. The article clearly indicates the importance of maintaining a facility conducive to building strong fan relationships. The Home Depot Center hosts the MLS team The Los Angeles Galaxy. Recently signing the world-renown soccer player David Beckham, there is now an opportunity to capitalize on the attraction in terms of maximizing the premium seating. The team previously considered adding more suite style seating; however later they decided to nix the idea due to time constraints. The Galaxy’s current objective is to extend current contracts for club seating and sell out the remaining seats, which come with 3-10 year deals. In addition to seating the facility will now implement touch screen kiosks, enabling fans to order concessions using credit or debit. A $600,000 upgrade to the facility is expected to increase sales and efficiency in each concourse. Additionally the franchise expects to receive sponsorship offers for the $4,000 kiosks reducing the cost of such an upgrade. This improvement to the facility will help foster fan engagement in conjunction with the new addition of David Beckham. Muret, D. (2007, February 5). Beckham signing has AEG considering Home Depot renovations. Street and Smith's Sports Business Journal, 13. Retrieved February 5, 2007, cfm?d/beckham.enter/html Design Hotels magazine featured an article that primarily focused on new interests travelers enjoy and expect to see in some of the more upscale hotels. This article pertains to the Tourism portion of the Leisure and Sports Management hand. Tourists enjoy the feeling of uniqueness or individuality when staying at a hotel in their travels. The cookie cutter room is now thing of the past; more modern architecture and stylish decorating have changed the status quo of rooms in hotel chains. The article concentrates on the chain LXR Luxury Resorts and Hotels, based in Florida, the company boasts their commitment to designing the best experience. They are committed to ensuring the design, amenities, and services are of the highest quality; this is now becoming a trend with many other chains. Tourists of the cities which are home to such unique hotels are afforded a “better than home environment that is more comfortable and less hassle.” This article demonstrates business’s reaction to consumer interest and expectations. Tourism composes an essential piece to the Leisure and Sport Management field; therefore it is important that this aspect meet the demands a newly changing environment. Guests and tourists do not expect hotel chains and designers to
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reinvent style or ambiance; rather they now seek a new experience each time they choose to stay at a hotel. Scoviak, Mary (2007, January). Experience. Design Hotels, 41, Retrieved February 26,
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journals for LSM - LSM 212 The Street and Smith Sports...

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