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Ethical Practice Batchelor I believe the tools incorporated in practicing mediation are essential life skills. One has the opportunity to learn to listen effectively, understand other’s emotions, and settle disputes in a logical and peaceful manner. After reading Mediation Developing Ethical Life Skills I feel as though these values have been reinforced in my life. As a child I was very hot headed and deficient in settling disagreements peacefully. After seeing a counselor I was able to implement many of the values presented in this manual, thus allowing me to listen to others much more intently. I believe I will be much more apt to apply the principles I have learned when in a disagreement in the future. After being informed of the impact this training has had on others, it would only be logical to live my
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Unformatted text preview: own life in such a manner. Granted, it will be difficult to utilize these skills when full of raw emotion, but after taking a step back from the situation I feel as though I am equipped to settle things rational manner. Mediation training has enabled me to more clearly understand the intricacies of the psychological standing of both parties in disagreement. The main interest of each person is to have their story listened to. I now understand that if the other party shows respect for his opposition, often times a reasonable resolution can be achieved. Additionally, I believe I can more easily understand other’s true concerns, not just their emotional state during the disagreement....
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